Adjusting My Perspective to Understand My Kids: Seeing Their Logo

It had been a long day and it was time for bed… not for me, but for the kids. They were little at the time, maybe 6 and 4. Quite different than the towering scaled-down teenagers that they are today. Baths were done and teeth were brushed. The finish line had almost been reached and I was so ready to tuck those little dudes in, grab a bowl of ice cream, and relax. I think we’ve all been there.

But instead of settling in neatly under their covers, they both started to randomly jump up on me, pounce at me, and grab a hold me. It was sort of strange and out of place, because the routine at that time of our night is to wind things down, not up. They must’ve forgotten that time. They continued to laughingly poke and physically prod me. I then realized what was happening, so I responded. I snatched onto their cute little bodies and turned our tuck-in routine into a rolling, giggling, twisting wrestling match all over the floor. It was a sweaty bit of mess after some clean-smelling baths.

After ending the match by pinning their mini kid-frames together, we called a truce for the night and got things back under control. The tucking commenced and they went to sleep.

As I went to get my ice cream that night, I recognized something about my kids. They are not mature, grown, or fully capable of expressing what they need, so they sometimes have a funny way of letting me know their desires. On that evening, when they were physically jabbing, digging, and pushing at me, I understood that what they were telling me was “We want to be close to you. We want physical touch from you.” On an evening after work, the natural thing to do is to look right past that and miss what they are trying to tell me. My perspective as a parent needs to be fixed on what my kids’ still-growing brains and bodies are trying to express, even though that may come out in interesting ways.

We’ve all seen this logo….

FedEx has one of the most recognizable emblems ever and has won more than 40 design awards with it. Lindon Leader created it in 1994 and there is probably not a day that we don’t drive down the road near a truck, building, or billboard bearing the brand.

With all kudos this logo has received, my favorite part of it is the arrow. You may say, “What arrow???” If you look between the “E” and the “X”, there is a forward-motion white arrow subtly slipped in.

Since FedEx is a delivery company, this arrow represents sending items on and moving them ahead. It tells the entire story of what that company is about in a single hidden arrow. It’s genius and thought-provoking.

What are my kids doing and saying that I am not seeing or paying attention to? Am I looking for their subtle “white arrows” that tell me what their needs are? They sometimes have unique ways of sharing hurts, asking for affection, expressing joy, and conveying disappointment. I can be so much more helpful and understanding to them if I adjust my perspective and look for what is really present in the delicate logo that is my kids’ lives.

Oh, and who’s that mysterious third person in the picture at the top? That’s my nephew… and yes, he’s chewing on Bauer.

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Success! You're in.

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John is the Principal at Bay Christian School in Concord, CA ( This blog is meant to serve parents and teachers with inspiration and encouragement in the journey to raise Godly and independent kids!

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